Dr. Victor Adejola (D.DataSc)

Dr. Victor Adejola (D.DataSc)

Head of Data Science and Data Consultant, United Kingdom

Dr. Victor Adejola is an accomplished data scientist and data consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the field. His expertise lies in data strategy, governance, and data quality management. He is also vast in data mining, predictive modelling, and machine learning. He has established a reputation in Europe for delivering innovative solutions to complex data problems.

Dr. Victor began his career as a data analyst at a leading healthcare insurance firm in the UK and later moved to Logistics and worked as a data warehouse and analytics developer. Subsequently, he moved to a leading biotechnology and diagnostics research centre in Ireland and worked as a data scientist, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a head of technology and Data Science.

During his time in Ireland, he was responsible for designing, developing, and implementing strategies for companies to use data as a strategic asset and aligning digital and data capabilities with the business objectives to drive growth, innovations, and enhance profitability. He developed several predictive and machine learning models for customer analytics, syndromic surveillance, and automated business processes for improved efficiency. He developed a machine learning tool for micro-epidemic analytics to enhance public health function and accurately predict the risk of outbreaks with uncertainty measurements. The solution is an important disease surveillance response tool in Ireland and UK.

After several years in Ireland, Dr. Victor joined a consultancy firm in the UK where he helped industries to shape strategic data transformational journey and translated complex data concepts into actionable insights for clients across various industries, such as finance, insurance, healthcare, and retail. He championed the development of machine learning algorithms for personalised marketing in insurance. He oversaw the development of insurance proprietary algorithms, which helped clients achieve unprecedented levels of engagement and conversion, customer acquisition and retention, as well as fraud detection and prevention.

In 2021, Dr. Victor co-founded his own data consulting firm, where he continued to build on his experience in Data Science and machine learning. The firm quickly became known for its ability to solve complex data problems for clients across various industries, including healthcare, retail, and telecommunications. As the head of his own consulting firm, Dr. Victor is deeply committed to helping his clients harness the power of data to drive business results. He works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and develops customised solutions that deliver measurable results. Dr. Victor is also a frequent speaker at industry events, where he shares his insights on the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Dr. Victor holds a doctorate degree in Data Science from the University of East London, where he focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining strategies. Before that, he obtained an MSc in Computer Science from the Republic of Ireland. He is also passionate about mentoring the next generation of data scientists. He frequently gives talks and workshops on Data Science and machine learning to students and young professionals and is an active participant in the industry, dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the field of Data Science in the UK and Ireland. Dr. Victor loves sharing his insights on the latest trends in Data Science and machine learning, as well as discussing best practices for building data capabilities, including high-performing data teams.

He recently led a workshop on developing predictive models for customer retention, which attracted many participants from business leaders who are looking to improve their customer engagement and retention rates.